Become a Citizen of the World

I wish to introduce you to an amazing woman. Her name is Davinia. Davinia was born in Jamaica, emigrated to the US at the age of 18, and now lives just away from Washington, DC where operates. She is not just a high-powered political staffer, nor a lobbyist. She would probably tell you she actually is quite unremarkable, but she actually is having the most impressive impact. What’s incredible about Davinia is that she is willing to spend time each and every week focused on people who are not her: people not her in her neighborhood, her state, nor even in her country — people she’d likely never meet.

Davinia’s impact started many years ago when she provided to all of her friends on Facebook, and asked them to give money their pennies so your woman could fund girls’ education. She wasn’t expecting a huge response, but seven hundred, 000 pennies later, she has now sent over one hundred twenty girls to school. Once we spoke last week, your woman explained she’s become a little infamous at the local bank whenever the lady rocks up with a shopping cart packed with cents.

Now — Davinia is not by yourself. Much from it. She’s part of a growing activity. And there’s a name for folks like Davinia: global citizens. A worldwide person is someone who self-identifies first and foremost not as a member of any state, a tribe or a nation, but as an associate of the individual race, and someone who is prepared to make up to that belief, to handle our world’s greatest issues. Our work is concentrated on finding, supporting and activating global citizens. They will exist in every country and among every massive.

I want to associated with case to you today that the planet’s future is determined by global individuals. I’m convinced that if we had more global citizens active within our world, then every single one of the major problems we face — from poverty, climate change, male or female inequality — these issues become solvable. They may be in the end global issues, and in addition they can finally only be fixed by global citizens requiring global solutions from their leaders.

Now, some householder’s immediate reaction to this idea is the reality it’s either somewhat utopian or even threatening. Consequently I’d like to discuss with you a little of my story today, how I wound up here, how it connects with DC GFE and, hopefully, with you.

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